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oh look another person asking for money….

yeah its that kind of post. let me just be forward. I hate begging in general, so begging for money would only happen is it was a last resort, which it is. this here is Smokito the Gatito, otherwise called Smokey. He is a little weirdo who runs around at the middle of night as fast as he can, sleeps in funny positions, meows loudly for attention, stare at me all the time, sleeps on my face, and has a heart of gold with a face of adorableness (did you see them sky blue eyes??!) sadly, smokey has got some serious gum/teeth problems, and needs an expensive surgery to remove his teeth and a long recovery for aftercare to prevent and gum disease and or infection. his condition will only get worse with time until it takes his life all together. this makes me so sad as i havent yet got a job. ive sold everything that i have that will sell, returned things i had the receipt for, and stopped buying luxury things all together. this isnt enough to pay for it. smokey shouldnt have to suffer because i cant pay for him. but i cannot bare to give him up to a shelter because ive raised him since he was a wee lad the size of my palm. he is my little baby boy and i will be with him every step of the way down this troublesome path. and i hope you will stand next to me as i beg you, please donate to smokeys surgery and aftercare. every single penny counts believe me! 

click on (or copy paste) the link below to be directed to his donation page!


you guys got someone a fluffy chicken, this shouldnt be too hard!


I fight Rape Culture because
When I told my ex boyfriend about my rape
He ‘forgave’ me.

I fight Rape Culture because
I saw my baby sister age overnight
As she told me about her best friend getting molested.

I fight Rape Culture because
My closest friend was abused as a child
And he told nobody but me.
It took him 13 years to open up.

I fight Rape Culture because
My friends admit to letting their partners fuck them when they don’t want it
Then laugh it off as typical male behaviour.

I fight Rape Culture because
Saying that you’re raping someone is perfectly acceptable
If you’re playing a video game.

I fight Rape Culture because
Men tell me they are insulted when women walking in front of them start to walk faster.
As if their ego is more important than our safety.

I fight Rape Culture because
If I tell somebody their rape joke isn’t funny
I am told that I’m uptight.

I fight Rape Culture because
It won’t die out
Unless we kill it ourselves.


I Fight Rape Culture
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